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Look here to see how to Login to the Turnitin service to check the text of your project against a database of books, journals and web pages. If you like quick descriptions, go to the summary at the end. There is also help on other topics:

Your project co-ordinator will register you about a week before you can use the Turnitin service. You will then be sent an email to the eamil address you registered for your project. If you can't remember what that address was (or want to change it) use the project register/edit link. You will then see the email ID you registered. Check that email, and if your SPAM filter doesn't remove the email from Turnitin, you will get something like this:

Dear Fester Bester, You have been enrolled in the TurnitinUK class "Projects BSc" by your instructor, Dave Inman. To start using this class, go to http://submit.ac.uk and log in using the following temporary information: Email address: dwi@onetel.com Password: 1w71njbo Once you log in you will be taken through a step-by-step startup process, and you will also have the chance to change your password and any other personal information. Keep in mind that the temporary password above is case-sensitive: we recommend that you paste it directly into your browser. Thank you for using TurnitinUK, The TurnitinUK Staff

Just go to the Turnitin Login page (http://submit.ac.uk):

and enter the email ID and password sent to you, for example:

Email address: dwi@onetel.com

Password: 1w71njbo

All should be OK, unless you don't have:

  1. An email address - you can't remember what you registered. Check by logging in to project register/edit link
  2. A password - maybe your did not get an email from Turnitin, or lost it, or maybe your SPAM filter removed it? In that case you can receive a link to reset your password. The link will be emailed to your emal address (see 1. above):

    Just click the link above, and you will see this:

    You will get confirmation:

    Just wait for a few minutes, check your email again and you should get something like this:

    This 'password reset' session will expire in 60 minutes!
    Please click here and follow the instructions provided.
    If you have trouble clicking the link provided, you may cut and paste the following URL into your browser:
    If 60 minutes have already expired please click here to request a new 'password reset' link.
    You may also cut and paste the following link into your browser to request a new 'password reset' link:
    Thank you for using TurnitinUK.

    You can then open the link in that email, and reset your password. Then Login as described before...

    and enter your email ID and password you chose:

    Email address: dwi@onetel.com

    Password: newpassword

To summarise:

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