SBU-CISM Technical Report Series

The School of CISM established its Technical Report Series in 1993. The series is intended to provide concrete evidence of the research activities of the School and to reflect the diversity of interests.

A technical report is a formal record of your work, which you may wish to distribute to your peers, whether working within the School or working at other universities and research laboratories. Subsequently, they may cite your report in their own publications. Copies of the report must therefore be available on request, unless the work has been superceeded by a newer report or by a journal or conference publication. For this reason, the School archives each report.

Academic staff (and research staff/students with the permission of their supervisor) are encouraged to contribute their work to the series. For example, every time you submit a paper to a conference or journal, it is recommended that you turn it into a Technical Report. To do so, please email the title and author(s) to Saira Mirza and she will reply with an unique number, beginning with the prefix SBU-CISM-YY-, where YY is the current year. You can then create a front page using the standard template. When you have printed your report, please send Saira a few copies for archiving. You should also add your report to the SCISM Publications Database.

Below you will find a list of reports for 1993-1999, many of which have been linked to an abstract. For more recent reports, search the SCISM Publications Database by selecting "SCISM Technical Report" as the publication type, or ask Saira for a complete list.








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